Alison Jay is Looking for Yesterday

Hot off the press and full of all the intricate details and wonder we have come to expect from Alison’s unforgettable, dream-like work, ‘Looking for Yesterday’ tells the delightful story of a boy whose grandad helps him to embrace happy memories of the past whilst learning to look forward to new adventures. Alison says of her second book for Old Barn Books Limited that she has conceived as an original story:

'The book Looking for Yesterday was inspired by a radio program I was listening to about space travel. I was thinking how wonderful it would be to go back and re live our best days, and all the different way we could possibly go back in time. The story concludes however that if you spend all you time "looking for yesterday" you will miss any new experiences and ultimately today is the best day.'

Alison will be at this year’s Guildford Book Festival where she will help you illustrate your own best days on a postcard to the future! Out now from Old Barn Books!


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Alison Jay

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