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Ella Okstad: Illustrator of the Week!


Ella Okstad: Illustrator of the Week!

We are proud to announce that the fabulous Ella Okstad is illustrator of the month on the www.childrensillustrators.com website! This highly coveted spot will be live on their homepage this week and throughout their social media outlets, so check out her stunning work, not only on our site, but theirs too! Congrats Ella!

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Heinemann Headliners for Javier!


Heinemann Headliners for Javier!

Javier’s unique ability to bring wry humour and subtle personality to his animal characters shines out from this gorgeous menagerie of folk tales!

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Merce's Best Bedtime!


Merce's Best Bedtime!

All of our favourite characters burst into technicolour life from this bumper edition that beautifully showcases Merce’s wonderfully graphic style!

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Flying High with Alison Jay!


Flying High with Alison Jay!

This beauteous bedtime book with a whimsical twist gives the reader not one, but two chances to appreciate the comfortingly nostalgic work of Alison Jay through its highly innovative design!

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Snowy walks

Amberin Huq

Amberin Huq, Snowy walks

Subject: Children's book, Landscapes

Style: Cartoon, Painterly

Medium: Digital


Emily Emerson

Emily Emerson, Children

Subject: Kids, Children's book, Dogs, Pets, Teenagers, People

Style: Graphic, Cartoon

Medium: Digital


Nuno Alexandre Vieira

Nuno Alexandre Vieira, T-Rex

Subject: Animals, Children's book, Dinosaur

Style: Painterly, Humorous

Medium: Digital

G'day mate

Chantelle and Burgen Thorne

Chantelle and Burgen Thorne, G'day mate

Subject: Animals, Children's book, Birds, Kids

Style: Painterly, Pastiche

Medium: Mixed Medium, Digital