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Now for a great opportunity to get one of our new promos - the ever popular postcard book. Beautifully produced and bound together, you'll find a brief overview of work from all of our talented artists in a handy sized package - a perfect fit for even the messiest of desks! Coupled with our DVD of full artist portfolios, this offers even more stunning work to browse through than our web site. Don't hesitate to grab yours, so contact us before they are all gone and we'll post one out to you.

Welcome to a feast of international illustration talent!

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Emily Emerson, Little Princess Series - One Emily Emerson, Little Princess Series - Two Emily Emerson, Little Princess Series - Three Emily Emerson, Little Princess Series - Four Emily Emerson, Little Princess Series - Five Emily Emerson, Snowman Emily Emerson, Dragon's Birthday Emily Emerson, Happy Jungle Emily Emerson, Playful Pirate Emily Emerson, Princess and Unicorn Emily Emerson, Butterfly Catcher Emily Emerson, Treasure Hunt Emily Emerson, Fairy Princess Emily Emerson, Sea Turtle Emily Emerson, Walking to School Emily Emerson, Little Jungle Emily Emerson, Noel Robin Emily Emerson, Merry & Bright Emily Emerson, Sleepy Owl Emily Emerson, Tiger in the Garden Emily Emerson, Snowy Owl Emily Emerson, Gingerbread House Emily Emerson, Treasure Hunt Wreath Emily Emerson, Circus Parade Emily Emerson, Treasure Hunt Collection Emily Emerson, Bears in Space Emily Emerson, Bears in Space Pattern Emily Emerson, Bears in Space Wreath Emily Emerson, What a Lovely Day Emily Emerson, Butterfly Wreath Emily Emerson, Dream Terrarium Emily Emerson, Hot Air Balloon Emily Emerson, Welcome Little One Wreath Emily Emerson, Love Birds Emily Emerson, Mama and Baby Owl Emily Emerson, Hello Little One Card Emily Emerson, Little Whale Emily Emerson, Rainbow Bird Emily Emerson, Lovely Morning Collection Emily Emerson, Mosaic Flower Collection Emily Emerson, Sweet Baby Girl Wreath Emily Emerson, Butterfly Garden Collection Emily Emerson, Retro Kitchen Pattern Emily Emerson, Light Houses Emily Emerson, Rocking Horse Garden Collection Emily Emerson, Whales in the Sea Emily Emerson, Ship In A Bottle Emily Emerson, Unicorn's Jewels Emily Emerson, Woodland Jewels Emily Emerson, Trick or Treat Emily Emerson, Unicorn's Meadow


Our latest signing - Joy Paton!

Our latest signing - Joy Paton!

Looking for something to banish those Monday blues? Then check out our latest signing, Joy Paton - Joy is an enthusiastic illustrator and graphic designer based in Zurich, Switzerland. She studied at De Montfort University in Leicester where she achi

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Ella Okstad.. New Squishy McFluff book

Ella Okstad.. New Squishy McFluff book

The latest in the Squish McFluff series is out now! Written by Pip Jones and published by Faber Children's, it is full of Ella Okstad's unique and adorable illustrations. In the newest outing 'Squishy McFluff: Meets Mad Nana Dot' Ava and Squishy are

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NEW ARTIST - Emily Emerson

NEW ARTIST - Emily Emerson

We are proud to introduce out latest member of the Org family... Emily Emerson! Emily is a talented illustrator who creates whimsical, joyful art in her sunny Kansas studio. In her work, you will find cute animals, bright colours, cheerful patterns a

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The Hog, the Shrew and the Hullabaloo

The Hog, the Shrew and the Hullabaloo

A new 'Harry and Lil' title to feast your eyes on!

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Giovanni Abeille,

Giovanni Abeille


Fiona Rose, What's in the Bag?

Fiona Rose
What's in the Bag?


Subject: Animals, Birds, Children's book, Entertainment, Environment

Style: Decorative, Painterly, Traditional

Medium: Digital, Oils

Nuno Alexandre Vieira,

Nuno Alexandre Vieira


Subject: Children's book, Christmas, Historical, People

Style: Hand Rendered Type, Painterly, Line With Colour

Medium: Digital

Sophie Rohrbach, Blue Dragon

Sophie Rohrbach
Blue Dragon


Subject: Children's book

Style: Graphic

Medium: Digital


"The Organisation agency is wonderful to work with. I never have to be worried about negotiating convenient fees with clients, fair schedules or remembering to promote my work. I only have to focus on what illustrators like the most: art! I let Lorraine to do all the rest."

Javier Joaquin
Represented by The Organisation


"Since joining The Organisation, my workload has doubled. I've worked on some fantastic projects for great clients both internationally and in the UK, that ordinarily I wouldn't have had the opportunity to. Creating characters for Gordon Scott's children's shoe department was a great project, and more recently, I've had loads of fun working on a fantastic children's iPad app with the lovely people at Ink Robin over in Toronto.

It is an extremely friendly agency who are always there to offer advice about work and take care of any work concerns. I'm always excited to see what new project is just around the corner and I really appreciate having such great agents representing me."

Lisa Hunt
Represented by The Organisation