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FEATURED ARTIST - Chantelle and Burgen Thorne


Gareth Lucas in Frankfurt!


Gareth Lucas in Frankfurt!

Although not in attendance in person, the wonderfully talented Gareth Lucas' work was to be seen all over the fabulous rain-forest themed Usborne Books display at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair!

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Bistra Masseva's amazing new book!


Bistra Masseva's amazing new book!

We are proud to show you the fabulous new book from super talented artist Bistra Masseva and Albert Whitman publishing, released this month! The second book Bistra has illustrated for them, Elephants Walk Together is a sensitive and moving story which lends itself perfectly to Bistra's gorgeous painterly style. As calves, Asian elephants Precious a

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Ella Okstad's royal pussycat!


Ella Okstad's royal pussycat!

Launched this month is Ella Okstad's delightful new book! Princess Kitty is in for a royal treat! Her palace attendants are throwing a surprise party in her honour. At least, that’s what she thinks! There will be games, presents, cake, and more. But when the guests start arriving, no one is paying attention to the kitty of honour! What’s a prin

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Alison Jay Goes Public!


Alison Jay Goes Public!

Congratulations to Alison Jay for completing her first author event and public drawing masterclass!

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Polar bears

Chantelle and Burgen Thorne

Chantelle and Burgen Thorne, Polar bears

Subject: Animals, Children's book

Style: Flat Colour, Painterly

Medium: Digital, Mixed Medium

The Great Pasta Escape, written by Miranda Paul.

Javier Joaquin

Javier Joaquin, The Great Pasta Escape, written by Miranda Paul.

Subject: Children's book, Food, Entertainment

Style: Cartoon, Flat Colour, Traditional, Painterly, Montage, Humorous

Medium: Mixed Medium, Pastel

A Light Dusting

Alison Jay

Alison Jay, A Light Dusting

Subject: Birds eye view, Christmas, Food, Historical, Landscapes, Transportation

Style: Naive, Painterly

Medium: Oils

Mock Up of

Roberta Bordone

Roberta Bordone, Mock Up of

Subject: Beauty, Entertainment, Fashion, Love, Teenagers, Educational, Women, Portraits, School

Style: Graphic, Flat Colour

Medium: Digital