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Now for a great opportunity to get one of our new promos - the ever popular postcard book. Beautifully produced and bound together, you'll find a brief overview of work from all of our talented artists in a handy sized package - a perfect fit for even the messiest of desks! Coupled with our DVD of full artist portfolios, this offers even more stunning work to browse through than our web site. Don't hesitate to grab yours, so contact us before they are all gone and we'll post one out to you.

Welcome to a feast of international illustration talent!

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FEATURED ARTIST - Sophie Crichton

Sophie Crichton, London Sophie Crichton, Map of France Sophie Crichton, Alphabet Sophie Crichton, Naughty Sophie Crichton, Tuk Tuk Sophie Crichton, Cats Sophie Crichton, New arrival Sophie Crichton, World market Sophie Crichton, Livvy Sophie Crichton, She's no angel Sophie Crichton, Flight Sophie Crichton, Sweet teens Sophie Crichton, The Vamps Sophie Crichton, Twirl Sophie Crichton, Three in the bed Sophie Crichton, Park Sophie Crichton, Corrina Sophie Crichton, Breakfast bunnies Sophie Crichton, Fairy Sophie Crichton, Springtime in Paris Sophie Crichton, Apero Sophie Crichton, market stall Sophie Crichton, Naughty Billy Boxer Sophie Crichton, Winter walk Sophie Crichton, Living Room Sophie Crichton, The Playroom Sophie Crichton, Busy Sophie Crichton, Karaoke Sophie Crichton, Cuddle Sophie Crichton, Lion footie Sophie Crichton, Refresh Yourself Sophie Crichton, Animal Alphabet


It's Una's week!

It's Una's week!

Our artists are popular this month!!! Huge congratulations to our very own Una Woods who is's illustrator of the week!

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Carmen Mok for Highlights Hello magazine!

Carmen Mok for Highlights Hello magazine!

New from Carmen Mok, this super cute art work she's produced for Highlights Hello magazine in the US! The illustrations compliment the sweet poem 'Celebrating You' by Nancy White Carlstrom.

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Coming Soon from Alison Jay!!

Coming Soon from Alison Jay!!

We can't wait for the release of Alison Jay's new book!

An enchanting retelling of the classic tale of the twelve dancing princesses.
Long ago in a kingdom far away, there lived a king and his twelve beautiful princesses.Although they are locked

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New card from Aga Kowalska!

New card from Aga Kowalska!

Following her previous success with Sellers publishing in the US, Aga Kowalska's wonderful art has once again been commissioned for their card ranges! This time round we have the cutest little bee wishing us to get well soon, and we all know a bit of

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Sophie Crichton, Twirl

Sophie Crichton


Una  Woods, The Spider Under The Sink

Una Woods
The Spider Under The Sink


Subject: Children's book, Pets, Kids, Interiors

Style: Cartoon, Traditional, Painterly, Naive

Medium: Gouache

Roberta  Bordone, Peter Pan

Roberta Bordone
Peter Pan


Subject: Children's book, Educational, Kids

Style: Flat Colour, Graphic

Medium: Digital, Mixed Medium

Vince Reid, Beanstalk

Vince Reid



"Lorraine and her agency are pretty much publishing royalty; The Organisation work with some of the very, very best illustration talents, and it’s always a thrill to be working with one of their stable They are on our ‘go-to' list for all new commissions.

Organisation agents without fail are a joy to deal with, and contribute so much more than simple deal-making."



"I first came into contact with The Organisation when my wife worked with them for a number of years, enjoying many clients through them. I joined the agency in 2008, initially in collaboration with my wife, but now I work independently. The agency have not only worked hard ensuring a steady run of brilliant clients (Usborne, Little Tiger Press, Crocodile Creek) but are experts at negotiating fees and dealing with the specifics of a project. Approachable and understanding, I can rely on them to handle things, leaving me to focus on the artwork."

Gareth Lucas
Represented by The Organisation


"What I like best about the agency is that I feel valued and supported as an artist, being part of a very successful team of international illustrators, which has the perfect balance of size and talent. Working with an agent comes down to trust, fairness and respect, Lorraine and The Organisation have helped me to grow and develop as an illustrator, giving me 15 years of continuous and varied commissions. They have help me to form working relationships with top clients, yet always attracting new commissions and projects, negotiating better fees and terms. It means a lot to know they have my back and are looking after my interests as an artist."

Richard Johnson
Represented by The Organisation


"Joining The Organisation was one of the best things to happen to me since I’ve started working as an illustrator. Since joining, I’ve had the chance to work on some wonderful projects that I wouldn’t have dreamt of before. I feel truly happy and thankful to be part of such a wonderful group of people."

Victoria Assanelli
Represented by The Organisation


"The wonderful team at The Organisation has given me great advice, confidence in myself and they have sent me amazing projects from awesome clients that I'm certain I would not have found otherwise, whilst taking care of all the boring stuff like negotiating and billing, of course. During the past eight years that we have been together, they have helped me grow as an artist and illustrator and I'm very thankful for this!"

Livia Coloji
Represented by The Organisation


"The Organisation agency is wonderful to work with. I never have to be worried about negotiating convenient fees with clients, fair schedules or remembering to promote my work. I only have to focus on what illustrators like the most: art! I let Lorraine to do all the rest."

Javier Joaquin
Represented by The Organisation