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Now for a great opportunity to get one of our new promos - the ever popular postcard book. Beautifully produced and bound together, you'll find a brief overview of work from all of our talented artists in a handy sized package - a perfect fit for even the messiest of desks! Coupled with our DVD of full artist portfolios, this offers even more stunning work to browse through than our web site. Don't hesitate to grab yours, so contact us before they are all gone and we'll post one out to you.

Welcome to a feast of international illustration talent!

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FEATURED ARTIST - Giovanni Abeille

Giovanni Abeille, L'isola di Artù Giovanni Abeille, L'isola di Artù Giovanni Abeille, L'isola di Artù Giovanni Abeille, La cravatta nel cielo Giovanni Abeille, Night Giovanni Abeille, The Book Giovanni Abeille, character design Giovanni Abeille, Little Red Riding Hood Giovanni Abeille, PIG Giovanni Abeille, PIG Giovanni Abeille, Tree of love Giovanni Abeille, Cat Giovanni Abeille, Doodle : Anna Frank Giovanni Abeille, Pied Piper of Hamelin Giovanni Abeille, Pied Piper of Hamelin Giovanni Abeille, L'isola delle vacanze Giovanni Abeille, Lightness Giovanni Abeille, Un mondo meraviglioso Giovanni Abeille, ... Giovanni Abeille, ... Giovanni Abeille, Il sentiero dell'amicizia Giovanni Abeille, A vele Spiegate Giovanni Abeille, Ulisse e Nettuno Giovanni Abeille, A vele Spiegate Giovanni Abeille, Gustavo L'aragosta Giovanni Abeille, Quattro materie di scuola Giovanni Abeille, Story Giovanni Abeille, Alice Giovanni Abeille, Frankenstein Giovanni Abeille, Just So Storie Giovanni Abeille, Just So Storie Giovanni Abeille, Three Men in a Boat Giovanni Abeille, King Giovanni Abeille, A vele Spiegate Giovanni Abeille, Ecology Giovanni Abeille, A vele Spiegate Giovanni Abeille, Pirate Giovanni Abeille, Lazarillo de Tormes Giovanni Abeille, Farm


New artist, Giovanni Abeille!

New artist, Giovanni Abeille!

We are delighted to welcome a new member to The Organisation stable of terrific artists. From his home in Italy, Giovanni has been creating wonderful art for many years, for both the children's and adult markets, and we are sure he will be a hit with

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Maria Maddocks for Lion Hudson!

Maria Maddocks for Lion Hudson!

We just love the brand new board book from Maria Maddocks! Published by Lion Hudson, Maria's bright and bold illustrations leap off the page, providing the perfect introduction to twenty much loved Bible stories.

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Del Thorpe wins Blue Peter book award 2014!

Del Thorpe wins Blue Peter book award 2014!

Congratulations to Del Thorpe who has won a 2014 Blue Peter book award with Tony Robinson for his Weird World of Wonders: World War II

Tony Robinson takes children on a headlong gallop through the history of World War II in this entertaining histo

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Ella Okstad for Faber

Ella Okstad for Faber

We are excited to announce the release of 'Squishy McFluff, The Invisible Cat', by Pip Jones, featuring the wonderful illustrations of Ella Okstad. Published by Faber, it tells the charming tale of when little girl, Ava, discovers an imaginary cat in

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Livia Coloji, Tandarica Animation Theatre

Livia Coloji
Tandarica Animation Theatre


Subject: Animals, Children's book, Entertainment, Ethnic, Kids

Style: Conceptual, Naive, Decorative, Impressionist, Retro, Traditional

Medium: Digital, Acrylics

Victoria Assanelli, The Little Mermaid

Victoria Assanelli
The Little Mermaid


Subject: Children's book, Kids

Style: Painterly, Naive

Medium: Digital

Steve Horrocks, gulliver

Steve Horrocks


Eunyoung Seo, Harry & Lil Story

Eunyoung Seo
Harry & Lil Story


Subject: Animals, Children's book, Beauty

Style: Traditional, Humorous

Medium: Watercolour, Pen & Ink


"The Organisation agency is wonderful to work with. I never have to be worried about negotiating convenient fees with clients, fair schedules or remembering to promote my work. I only have to focus on what illustrators like the most: art! I let Lorraine to do all the rest."

Javier Joaquin
Represented by The Organisation


"Since joining The Organisation, my workload has doubled. I've worked on some fantastic projects for great clients both internationally and in the UK, that ordinarily I wouldn't have had the opportunity to. Creating characters for Gordon Scott's children's shoe department was a great project, and more recently, I've had loads of fun working on a fantastic children's iPad app with the lovely people at Ink Robin over in Toronto.

It is an extremely friendly agency who are always there to offer advice about work and take care of any work concerns. I'm always excited to see what new project is just around the corner and I really appreciate having such great agents representing me."

Lisa Hunt
Represented by The Organisation