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Who wants to live with Hilda?


Who wants to live with Hilda?

We are thrilled to announce that Merce Canals’ most recent project ‘Living With Hilda (can be inconvenient)’ has won the 36th Destino Infantile Apel les Mestres International Children’s Book Award!

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Fabulous 2017 Calendar Giveaway!


Fabulous 2017 Calendar Giveaway!

Receive our beautiful 2017 calendar absolutely free when you sign up for our image packed monthly newsletter!

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A Review to make Bistra Blush!


A Review to make Bistra Blush!

We are thrilled to announce that the enchanting story of 'Dario and the Whale', Illustrated by the fabulous Bistra Masseva has been named one of the Best Picture Books of 2016 by Shelf Awareness!

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Richard Johnson's Musical Nursery Rhymes


Richard Johnson's Musical Nursery Rhymes

Just released by Usborne Publishing, Musical Nursery Rhymes is the perfect addition to any child's bookshelf!

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Elf and Old MacDonald

Una Woods

Una Woods, Elf and Old MacDonald

Subject: Christmas, Children's book, Kids, Animals, Landscapes

Style: Cartoon, Traditional, Naive

Medium: Digital

Story Art

Del Thorpe

Del Thorpe, Story Art

Subject: Animals, Children's book, Dogs, Kids

Style: Cartoon, Humorous

Medium: Pen & Ink

The Little Prince

Roberta Bordone

Roberta Bordone, The Little Prince

Subject: Children's book, Educational, Kids

Style: Flat Colour, Cartoon, Graphic

Medium: Digital, Mixed Medium

Saw Cat

Simon Cooper

Simon Cooper, Saw Cat

Subject: Animals, Cats, Children's book, Pets

Style: Humorous

Medium: Mixed Medium