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The Organisation is an International Illustration Agency representing some of the World's finest illustrators.

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FEATURED ARTIST - Giovanni Abeille


Alison's Cowboy Cover for Cricket!


Alison's Cowboy Cover for Cricket!

Alison's Jay's wonderful cowboy themed images adorn the cover of this month's issue of Cricket Magazine and make us all want to shout 'Ye-Ha!'

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Barbara's Bongini's Puzzling Pictures!


Barbara's Bongini's Puzzling Pictures!

These gorgeous activity sheets have been produced by Scholastic using Barbara's wonderful illustrations to promote the release of 'Beauty and the Very Beastly Beast'!

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Meet Emily's Cute Creations!


Meet Emily's Cute Creations!

If you fancy cuteness overload this Tuesday morning then check out Writing and Illustrating's Illustrator Saturday feature interview with the amazingly talented Emily Emerson!

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Richard Johnson for Benziger


Richard Johnson for Benziger

Richard johnson has once again produced some truly stunning imagery for the covers of Benziger's new Christian educational program of books for the 'Blest Are We' series. Featuring many of the Bible's most recognisable stories and the lessons we can learn from them, Richard's work is the perfect accompaniment!

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The Flying Trunk

Giovanni Abeille

Giovanni Abeille, The Flying Trunk

Subject: Children's book


Steve Dell

Steve Dell, Robin

Subject: Birds, Children's book, Christmas, Landscapes, Weather, Environment

Style: Impressionist, Line & Wash, Painterly, Traditional, Line With Colour

Medium: Digital, Mixed Medium

Children, bird and balloon

Ella Okstad

Ella Okstad, Children, bird and balloon

Subject: Children's book, Kids, Birds

Style: Line With Colour, Naive, Line & Wash, Decorative, Humorous

Medium: Pen & Ink

Elf and Old MacDonald

Una Woods

Una Woods, Elf and Old MacDonald

Subject: Christmas, Children's book, Kids, Animals, Landscapes

Style: Cartoon, Traditional, Naive

Medium: Digital