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“The Organisation agency is wonderful to work with. I never have to be worried about negotiating convenient fees with clients, fair schedules or remembering to promote my work. I only have to focus on what illustrators like the most: art! I let Lorraine to do all the rest.  And twelve years in the agency prove she is the best doing her job!!.”
Javier Joaquin represented by The Organisation


"I first came into contact with The Organisation when my wife worked with them for a number of years, enjoying many clients through them. I joined the agency in 2008, initially in collaboration with my wife, but now I work independently. The agency have not only worked hard ensuring a steady run of brilliant clients (Usborne, Little Tiger Press, Crocodile Creek) but are experts at negotiating fees and dealing with the specifics of a project. Approachable and understanding, I can rely on them to handle things, leaving me to focus on the artwork."
Gareth Lucas represented by The Organisation


The Organisation - company info

The Organisation has been representing the best of international illustration talent for the past 20 years. The company is headed up by managing director Lorraine Owen who has a background as a graphic designer and art director.  Richard Merritt and Steph Vickery make up the rest of the team.

The Organisation has a successful office in New York, enabling a substantial amount of lucrative commissions to come our way from the US. Nearly 50% of the company’s turnover comes from the children's book market and has resulted in some of our most successful illustrators being booked for work nearly two years in advance.
The remaining work comes via our extensive contacts in magazines, design groups, advertising, adult publishing and greetings cards.

We have comprehensive experience in negotiating fees and protecting the rights to our artist's work and we pride ourselves on dealing with the legal minefield of publishing contracts to the benefit of our illustrators.

We LOVE working with illustrators to give your talent the best exposure to our many clients and our reps spend time actively working with you to develop your portfolio.
We highlight the strength and the weaknesses and set briefs to fill any gaps and keep giving constructive feedback to enable your work to grow. If we take you on we have confidence in you and your abilities and we aim to share than enthusiasm with clients.

We help you make strategic decisions for marketing your work and keep abreast with all the latest developments to put your work in front of major clients.
When we visit clients with your work we research the ways in which they choose illustrators and give you valuable feedback. As a major agency we can negotiate great deals on advertising not available to the individual.
The Organisation has the drive, enthusiasm and bags of experience to make your career as an illustrator grow.


Submission guidelines

We welcome submissions from illustrators across the entire globe.

Our agency looks for unique contemporary styles and we never take on an illustrator whose work is similar to a style already represented.

BY EMAIL: send a link to your website - or send 5 to 6 low res samples - email must not be larger than 5mb.

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We receive so many submissions that we can only reply if we think we can help you.