Richard Merritt Gets the Goat!

Follow three intrepid friends as they bravely strike out for greener grass in Richard’s first ‘Read-Aloud Story to Share’ for Pat-a-Cake books! Trotting up fast behind his hugely successful ‘Peek and Play Rhymes’ series, The Three Billygoats Gruff features a vibrant visual glossary to introduce new vocabulary and of course, all those cheeky little additions we have all come to expect from Richard’s gorgeous work! As if that wasn’t enough, there are even some playful little bonus activities at the end of the story - can you help the goats find a way through the maze without encountering the grumpy green troll or spot the differences in a peaceful pasture scene? Hoof it on down to your nearest bookshop on 12th July for your very own copy - you’ve goat to be mad to miss it!


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Richard Merritt

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