Richard Merritt's New Colouring Books!

To help while away time at the airport or to soothe your mind as you relax by the pool, why not take a trip back in time to ancient Greece or Rome with the spectacular ‘Labyrinth - Mythical Beasts to Colour’ from LOM Art and illustrated by the skilled ‘old master’ of the adult colouring book world - Richard Merritt! Whether you are colouring the wondrous wings of a Harpy or the glistening snakes of a Gorgon's hair, this unique colouring book filled with magical detail on every page, truly brings these creatures and their mythical realms to life!

As if that weren’t enough, Richard also has the beautiful Abenteuer Natur, or Nature Adventure, out this month too! From the tiny grasshopper to the mighty whale, his gorgeous, intricate and atmospheric illustrations are simply begging to have a creative hand bring them to life with bursting colour! Travel deep under the ocean and into the tiny worlds within our own, inhabited by a host of fascinating life sensitively embellished with gorgeous decorative details!

Both books are out now!


Richard Merritt

The Organisation Latest News

Gareth Lucas in Frankfurt!


This eye-catching stand, festooned with beautiful work from Gareth's most recent books in collaboration with Usborne UK, was at the big Autumn five day trade event for the worldwide publishing industry with loads of massive deals being done! How thrilling!

To see more of Gareth's gorgeous animals and lots, lots more click here!


Gareth Lucas


Bistra Masseva's amazing new book!


We are proud to show you the fabulous new book from super talented artist Bistra Masseva and Albert Whitman publishing, released this month! The second book Bistra has illustrated for them, Elephants Walk Together is a sensitive and moving story which lends itself perfectly to Bistra's gorgeous painterly style. As calves, Asian elephants Precious and Baba roam the wild together, curious and proud. But when they get captured and are split up, their time together seems like a distant memory. Still, separated by many miles and over many years, their friendship remains, and there's hope they will once again roam wide open spaces together. A beautiful book to add to your collection!

See more of Bistra's work here...


Ella Okstad's royal pussycat!


Launched this month is Ella Okstad's delightful new book! Princess Kitty is in for a royal treat! Her palace attendants are throwing a surprise party in her honour. At least, that’s what she thinks! There will be games, presents, cake, and more. But when the guests start arriving, no one is paying attention to the kitty of honour! What’s a princess to do?

From award-winning children’s book author Steve Metzger, and accompanied by colourful, vibrant illustrations by Ella Okstad, comes Princess Kitty, a sweet and silly story about a kitty who learns to share the spotlight.

see Ella's stunning work here...


Alison Jay Goes Public!


Here is the fabulous Alison Jay at Guildford Book Festival showing an enraptured crowd the process of creating her stunningly evocative art! Alison was asked to attend the event to promote her fabulous new book 'Looking for Yesterday' released last month.

Well done Alison for overcoming your fears and doing your first public drawing!


David Dean's 5 Minutes of TV Fame!


Not content with his recent collaboration with Michael Morpurgo, now David Dean's gorgeous cover illustration for Sandi Toksvig's new children's novel 'The End of the Sky' has been blown up on the wall for the nation to see on the hugely popular morning TV programme 'Lorraine'! David may be getting too famous to fraternise with us mere mortals soon!


David Dean


Alison Jay is Looking for Yesterday


Hot off the press and full of all the intricate details and wonder we have come to expect from Alison’s unforgettable, dream-like work, ‘Looking for Yesterday’ tells the delightful story of a boy whose grandad helps him to embrace happy memories of the past whilst learning to look forward to new adventures. Alison says of her second book for Old Barn Books Limited that she has conceived as an original story:

'The book Looking for Yesterday was inspired by a radio program I was listening to about space travel. I was thinking how wonderful it would be to go back and re live our best days, and all the different way we could possibly go back in time. The story concludes however that if you spend all you time "looking for yesterday" you will miss any new experiences and ultimately today is the best day.'

Alison will be at this year’s Guildford Book Festival where she will help you illustrate your own best days on a postcard to the future! Out now from Old Barn Books!

Get your copy here!


Alison Jay


Victoria Assanelli's Haunting New Work!


When Stanley Stanwright finds a bone poking out of the earth in his back garden, he is determined to take a picture of it and send it to the Young Discoverer's Competition, but soon the bone begins to grow into a skeleton with an unusual interest in his unwell younger sister Miren.

Victoria’s haunting illustrations are exquisitely on point for this unique contemporary folk tale, with her skeleton, Princy, striking the perfect balance between appealing and sinister. Her bold monochrome interior illustrations similarly echo the stark reality of a family in crisis whilst also skilfully managing to convey a quiet optimism, as she helps children navigate this story of humour and tragedy with a subtle and gentle hand.

Ultimately a story of love, and realising when love sometimes means saying goodbye, we make no bones about saying that Skeleton Tree is an Autumn ‘must read’!

Get your copy here!


Victoria Assanelli


Livia Coloji's Morning on the Farm


Livia Coloji’s vibrant new reading book ‘Morning on the Farm’ is released this month by Heinemann and is simply bursting at the seams with adorable animals of every shape and size, with their day brought to life at each turn of the page through her adorable artwork! Children will learn the workings of a small holding as well as lots of farm and animal vocabulary, so why not indulge yourself with a morning on the farm? You’d have to be quackers to miss it!


Livia Coloji


David Dean's Mighty Morpurgo Finale!


This supurb final selection includes perhaps Morpurgo’s most famous novel, War Horse, told from the unusual point of view of Joey, a young farm horse sold to the army and thrust into the midst of war on the Western Front. This concept of unconventional perspectives runs pleasingly throughout this final collection of stories and is subtly reflected through David’s dynamic use of angle to create an exciting and unexpected view of each intriguing cover scene. From the boggy trenches of the Western Front to the crisp snow-capped Himalayas, David’s skill lies in depicting a world the reader is compelled to enter! So why not give in to temptation, pick a cosy spot and immerse yourself in a new landscape! All 7 titles are out now from Egmont Publishing!


David Dean


The Times Children's Book of the Week!


We are pleased to see that The Times new children's book of the week has gone to the wonderful 'The Land of Neverendings' by Costa children's winner Kate Saunders, with the cover illustrated by our very own David Dean!

What if there exists a world powered by imagination?

A world of silliness, where humans and their toys live on long after they've left the Hard World . . . and what if the door between that world and this one was broken?

Welcome to the Land of Neverendings.

Moving, raw and funny in all the right ways, The Land of Neverendings is a rip-roaring adventure, but it also gives an honest portrayal of grief for young readers, and shows us that whilst sadness does exist in the world, it doesn't have to cancel out happiness, or silliness, even when you lose someone you love.


New from Eunyoung Seo


We are thrilled with the beautiful new book from Eunyoung Seo, done for a Korean publisher, which follows a little girl on a journey of discovery, finding wonder in the world around us, from the trees that grow tall to the birds that sing sweet melodies!

See Eunyoung's wonderful folio here...


Javier's Great Pasta Escape!


Javier has once again worked his magic to create the cutest carbs you will ever see and this lovable band will have to use their noodles and concoct a great escape if they are to avoid being somebody’s lunch! Javier hails from Argentina and his inspiration comes from his acute observation of people, architecture, fashion, design and music. From outraged Ramen’s crazy curls to neat and sensible Bow Tie’s geeky charm, each unique little pasta shape reflects the close attention to detail and characterisation for which Javier is known.

You can grab your very own copy later this month so save those pennes because we can guarantee you will fall tortellini in love with it!

Get it here!


Javier Joaquin


Tiny Tantrums and Big Talent from Ella Okstad!


Ella Okstad is in her element illustrating this adorable book designed to help children to better understand their emotions and hopefully stop ‘windows wobbling and birds falling out of trees’ when things don’t go their way! Her exquisite and playful artwork beautifully compliments this simple story of friendship. The whimsical settings and her on-trend Scandi colour scheme combine to create a serene and dream-like world while subtly reinforcing the overall message of the book - to remain calm, to share and to not waste time on such silly things like tantrums!

Told in bouncing rhyming text, this little lifesaver is sure to get the thumbs up from frazzled parents everywhere!

Get your copy here!


Ella Okstad


Fred Van Deelen's French Road Trip!


If you were cruising down any of the autoroutes in France on your hols this year, you will no doubt have noticed that they all boast the most gorgeous illustrated signs to highlight places of cultural or historical significance (which quite frankly in France, is most places!) to the weary and bleary-eyed motorist! Well, this summer, our very own Fred Van Deelen was commissioned by APRR - Europe’s fourth largest motorway group - to create these stunning scraper board style works for their extensive route through Burgundy. The sublime golden tones exude a restful warmth whilst the burgundy subtly hints at the region’s best loved export! For an area so steeped in history, and with the signs standing whopping 6.5 metres high, this is a hugely prestigious commission for Fred - especially as they are planned to be in situ for the next 20 years! With work coming from all directions, Fred has had a busy year, so next time you are passing through, why not raise a glass or two to him!


Fred Van Deelen