Quino Marin's Exquisite 'What Katy Did' Covers!

Quino Marin's striking cover portraits for the newest editions of these much-loved stories for Little, Brown Book Group​ beautifully convey Katy's determined and adventurous streak and combine with a wonderfully subtle nod to the first edition that featured a procession of Katydid - a species of cricket - against a plain saffron cover!

In these enchanting tales by Susan Coolidge of 1872, Katy speaks with a charm and directness that remains as fresh as when it was written. 'What Katy Did' sees the 12 Year old Katy Carr as a scruffy tomboy who is forever getting into trouble whereas in 'What Katy Did at School' we meet a more mature and thoughtful girl as she and Clover prepare to attend the fictional Hillsover school in New Hampshire. In this sequel to the classic novel of American Childhood the girls travel north, the landscape opens and alters; flat plains give way to high mountains and the air turns "cool and full of a brilliant zest, which the Western girls had never before tasted."


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