Richard Johnson for Benziger

Richard johnson has once again produced some truly stunning imagery for the covers of Benziger's new Christian educational program of books for the 'Blest Are We' series. Featuring many of the Bible's most recognisable stories and the lessons we can learn from them, Richard's work is the perfect accompaniment!


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The Organisation Latest News

Alison's Cowboy Cover for Cricket!


Perfect for imaginative readers aged from 9 to 14, CRICKET Magazine has delighted and entertained generations of kids with contemporary stories and classic literature from the world’s best writers. Paired with illustrations so beautiful they take your breath away, these fabulously atmospheric vistas of Alison's are set to be a runaway success!

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Alison Jay


Barbara's Bongini's Puzzling Pictures!


These gorgeous activity sheets have been produced by Scholastic using Barbara's wonderful illustrations to promote the release of 'Beauty and the Very Beastly Beast'! Written by Mark Sperring, with whom Barbara previously worked on ‘Cinderella and her very Bossy Sisters’, this month's release sees Belle take on maybe more than she bargained for when she moves in with the sloppy, scary and irritable beast!

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Barbara Bongini


Meet Emily's Cute Creations!


Emily creates whimsical illustrations for children’s publishing and lively patterns for fabric, apparel, stationery, home décor and much more and we are so excited that she has been chosen to be featured in this week's Illustrator Saturday!

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Emily Emerson


Gareth Lucas - Look & Find Zoo for Usborne!


Are you ready to have fun at the zoo? You will be once you've got hold of your copy of Gareth lucas' brand new Usborne title 'Look and Find Zoo'. A sumptuously illustrated book bursting with animals to spot, creatures to count and delightful details to talk about. Spot the sleeping tigers and slithering snakes, match the identical bugs and count how many turtles are wearing hats! This is the perfect edition to the wildly successful Look and Find series from Gareth and Usborne.

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Barbara Bongini produces more magic with Usborne!


Watch as Barbara Bongini’s fabulous fairy palaces magically burst into colour with a wondrous stained-glass effect in this delightful activity book! Each gorgeous page of the latest of Usborne’s Magic Painting Books to be illustrated by the fabulously talented Barbara, features a different black and white illustration of a fantastical abode! Barbara’s keen attention to detail shines through in every pillar, portico, turret and tracery whilst incorporating deliciously sweet and soft finishing touches of winding ivy, fluttering birds and of course, the adorable fairies themselves! So sit back, close your eyes and enjoy dreaming of your own magical fairy palace!

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Ella Okstad's second Nelly Title for OUP!


Ella Okstad's art shines with Nelly and the Sky Lantern!

After the huge success of ‘The Quest for Captain Peabody’, Ronald Chambers and Ella Okstad’s crazy creation - Nelly Peabody -  is back, and this time the tenacious tike and her faithful turtle investigate the mysterious disappearance of her mother! Nelly’s adventure is packed with eccentric characters stunningly brought to life by Ella’s beautifully bold signature two-colour style. Loose yourself in her humour-filled scenes as you climb with Nelly and Columbus to the tops of the clouds in a laundry basket and dive to the murky depths of the ocean in an oversized tin can! 

Nelly’s resourceful and courageous nature is perfectly complimented by Ella’s distinct and quirky style, and her love of creating characters full of personality and mischief certainly shines through in this gorgeous book! We challenge you not to fall in love with Nelly and Columbus when it comes out this month!

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The Organisation head to London and Bologna!


The Organisation will be attending both London and Bologne Book Fairs this year so feel free to drop us a line at to make an appointment! We look forward to seeing you all there!


Who wants to live with Hilda?


We are thrilled to announce that Merce Canals’ most recent project ‘Living With Hilda (can be inconvenient)’ has won the 36th Destino Infantile Apel les Mestres International Children’s Book Award! Last spring author Bel Olid sent Merce a tale about a little girl who was trying to adopt a new pet and these dynamic images are the result.
“Living with a crocodile might sound thrilling, but it can be inconvenient. She’s got so many teeth, she spends HOURS brushing them in the bathroom. And once they’re clean, she’s still a crocodile. What if she’s suddenly hungry and eats ME up? A parrot’s much better”.
As innocent as Hilda first appears with her large glasses, sweet bunches and braces, as the story unfolds you realise that maybe this funny girl is the real problem and not the beasts of the forest and the savannah…she is capricious and impatient and all of them disappoint her!
‘Living with Hilda (and its disadvantages)’ is published by Editorial Destino and out this month!

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Merce Canals


Fabulous 2017 Calendar Giveaway!


What could be better than having all of the most up to date news from The Organisation’s fabulously talented artists delivered straight to your inbox every month?

Even better, as a thank you, we will send you a download of our gorgeous 2017 calendar featuring beautiful illustrations to brighten up your days all through the year! If you are a commissioning client and would like to be added to our mailing list, simply send your email address to, sit back and enjoy your monthly treat packed with all the latest from our wonderful artists!!


A Review to make Bistra Blush!


We are thrilled to announce that the enchanting story of 'Dario and the Whale', Illustrated by the fabulous Bistra Masseva has been named one of the Best Picture Books of 2016 by Shelf Awareness!

Their hugely complimentary review is a joy to read and is also sure to make Bistra Blush!!

"The almost holy wonder of looking into a whale's eye is sublimely captured in the inviting, richly textured paintings of Bulgarian-born illustrator Bistra Masseva".

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Richard Johnson's Musical Nursery Rhymes


Just released by Usborne Publishing, Musical Nursery Rhymes is the perfect addition to any child's bookshelf! Press the buttons on the pages of this delightful book to hear the tunes for seven well-loved nursery rhymes, including Humpty Dumpty, Little Bo-peep, Sing a Song of Sixpence and Hey Diddle Diddle. This charming volume includes the words for each rhyme and delightful illustrations by Richard Johnson with 'finger-trails' and cut-out shapes to discover. What more could you ask for!

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Richard Johnson


Richard Johnson for Ladybug Magazine


As the evenings draw in and we all start to feel like hibernating until next spring, the wonderful Richard Johnson’s Winter cover for Cricket Media’s ‘Ladybug Magazine’ is just what we need to remind us that this time of year can also be quite beautiful! This gorgeous cover with its fluffy snow flakes, crisp colours and adorable woodland animals is enough to melt anyone’s frosty heart! Richard’s cover adorns one of just 9 issues of ‘Ladybug’ released this year, all of which are illustrated by award-winning artists for children aged from 3 to 6 and bursting with engaging stories and poems for preschoolers with the aim of sparking a love of reading (and perhaps, in this case, Winter) that will last a lifetime!

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Richard Johnson


It's Raining Cats and Dogs!


Last week we saw the young (and perhaps not so young, in some cases!) take to the streets dressed as werewolves, witches and black cats for Halloween! Whether you favoured a canine or feline theme, you are sure to love Gareth Lucas' new collaboration with Usborne Publishing!

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