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The Organisation will be attending both London and Bologne Book Fairs this year so feel free to drop us a line at to make an appointment! We look forward to seeing you all there!


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Alison Jay interview with The Letterpress Project


We are delighted to share with you the lovely interview The Letterpress Project did with world renowned artist Alison Jay. The Letterpress Project has asked authors and illustrators to think about what has inspired them as artists, what their favourite books are and how they relate to their audience, so follow the link and discover Alison's insight from her long and hugely successful career!

See the full interview with alison here


It's a Halloween Goodnight from Ella Okstad!


Each fun-packed page is illustrated in deliciously ghoulish fashion by the fabulous Ella Okstad Illustrator! From the gorgeous colour palate of rich decadent plums, dark fern greens and deep midnight blues, to the wonderfully endearing characters that inhabit the twilight, Ella beautifully captures that sense of wonder at discovering what exactly is lurking in the dark!

With her ever-joyful renditions of human, animal and monster characters, this is an irresistible book for lovers of all things spooky and will leave readers of all ages squealing with delight!

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Ella Okstad


Gareth Lucas' Dig Dig Digger!


Get ready to lift, dig, drill and scoop to build an adventure playground! With brilliantly bold and crazily comic illustrations from the award-winning Gareth Lucas - illustrator of Peekaboo 123, and Peekaboo Opposites - this sturdy board book from Little Tiger Press​ is perfect for little ones who love tractors, diggers and anything loud!

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Dinos on Deck with Gareth Lucas!


The hilarious ‘Dinos on Deck’ features a motley crew of adorably roguish reptiles who have a rip-roaring adventure on the high seas! Gareth says:

"Once again I had fun with the guys at Little Tiger creating two new Noisy books after the success of the Peekaboo series. I had lots of fun drawing dinosaurs seeking buried treasure - all accompanied with some crazy sounds! So hoist the sails for fun on the high seas with the Dinos!"

Get your copy here!


Emily Emerson's Adorable Animals!


We just love these super cute new artworks from Emily Emerson, featuring endearing images of baby animals and their parents. In her typical soft tones and warm characterisations these can't fail to make you smile... feeling broody yet?


Vince Reid's Misfits Club Illustrations


Vince Reid’s endearing illustrations for this comic adventure are full of warmth and energy, humorously chronicling The Misfits’ investigations of a spooky old house and how their last ‘case’ takes a surprising turn!

Vince Reid is a Illustrator and cartoonist, originally from Liverpool currently based in Ireland. He aspires to give any narrative strong characters, observational humour and colour and from the dynamic and vibrant front cover to the sublime black and white character studies within, he populates the world of The Misfits with the playful and expressive identity, for which he is well known, to perfectly compliment this gentle tale of friendship and the challenges of change!

Published by Macmillan Children's The Misfits Club is out now!

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Vince Reid


Laure Fournier's Beauty and the Beast


Laure’s atmospheric locations create the perfect backdrop for her touching portrayal of the blossoming relationship between the wide-eyed, innocent Beauty and the capricious and cantankerous Beast! Laure, who is originally from Antibes, France has been a children’s illustrator now for 12 years and has worked with a diverse range of clients, but always brings her unique perspective to any project! As you can see, her work glows with optimism and her characters display a real depth of emotion, perfect to enhance younger learners’ understanding of the text in this new range of graded readers - no wonder she is so in demand!!

Beauty and the Beast is out now!

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Laure Fournier


Telling Tales with Sophie Rohrbach!


Sophie, who is passionate about the rich colours and intricate patterns that she uses in her illustrations, ensures that each page is bursting with peril, humour and warmth, her striking work beautifully complimenting these tales of suspense and trickery whilst inspiring imagination and teaching valuable life lessons at the same time! Both books are available to buy now, so go on, give in to your inner child!!

To see more of Sophie’s beautiful work, click here!


Sophie Rohrbach


Livia Coloji: The Monster's Secret


Livia, who lives in Timisoara, Romania, has been fortunate enough to work for clients from all over the world on some very different and interesting projects, says of this latest unique commission:

“I love animals and, of course, I adore cats so it was an awesome project to work on! Also, it was a fun challenge to work on the monster because he's the scary character in the book but he also has to be lovable in a certain way.”

Livia’s skill in giving her animal illustrations such depth of expression perfectly conveys the message of this book - that sometimes we are all just frightened children who need to help each other find the light switch!

Don’t have nightmares, buy your copy of ‘The Monster’s Secret’ here!


Livia Coloji


HMS Titanic Illustrations by Ella Okstad


These adorable new black and white line illustrations by Ella Okstad sensitively celebrate young love as seen through the eyes of Simon and Anna in the short story RMS Titanic written by Norwegian author Nina Elisabeth Grøntvedt. The bold clarity of Ella’s drawings perfectly compliment this charming little love story created specially for the Hay Festival Aarhus 30 project and set against the backdrop of a school production of Titanic! Ella says:

“When asked by Alma Books to contribute to this project, I didn’t know anything about the story or who had written it. Nor did I know which other illustrators/authors were going to take part. It came as great surprise that the author of RMS Titanic actually is a friend of mine, living in the same city! I have also worked with one of the other Norwegian authors on the list - Endre Lund Eriksen, so I am very honoured to be in such splendid company! I was very charmed by the story of clumsy Simon (who  has a broken arm in the story which he has to hold in a permanent 90 degree angle!) and Anna, the prettiest girl in his class, as they tackle the roles of Jack and Rosie in the end of term school play!”

Ella’s gorgeous drawings feature in the Young Adult volume ‘Odyssey’ released on May 25th!

Get your copy here!


David Dean's Latest Batch of Covers!


Be whisked from the sultry Spanish border to the imposing walls of Camelot or travel by dusty road with a travelling circus, only to end up on the turbulent seas from Ireland to America! The latest beautiful batch of David Dean covers for Egmont has officially landed and promises to take you on a thrilling whistle-stop tour of the globe! David’s inspired interpretations of these well-loved stories give just enough away to make us want to plunge headlong in to the mystery and adventure just waiting beneath each distinctively dynamic cover!

Get your copies here!


David Dean


Richard Merritt's New Colouring Books!


To help while away time at the airport or to soothe your mind as you relax by the pool, why not take a trip back in time to ancient Greece or Rome with the spectacular ‘Labyrinth - Mythical Beasts to Colour’ from LOM Art and illustrated by the skilled ‘old master’ of the adult colouring book world - Richard Merritt! Whether you are colouring the wondrous wings of a Harpy or the glistening snakes of a Gorgon's hair, this unique colouring book filled with magical detail on every page, truly brings these creatures and their mythical realms to life!

As if that weren’t enough, Richard also has the beautiful Abenteuer Natur, or Nature Adventure, out this month too! From the tiny grasshopper to the mighty whale, his gorgeous, intricate and atmospheric illustrations are simply begging to have a creative hand bring them to life with bursting colour! Travel deep under the ocean and into the tiny worlds within our own, inhabited by a host of fascinating life sensitively embellished with gorgeous decorative details!

Both books are out now!


Richard Merritt


My USA Roadtrip with Barbara Bongini!


All of the major sights are playfully illustrated in wonderful technicolour by the extremely versatile Barbara Bongini in this fabulous new storybook adventure from I see Me Personalised Children’s Books!

My USA Road Trip issues children with their own personalised driving licence to travel the length and breadth of the country learning the names of all 50 states through exciting facts and visiting fascinating landmarks! Barbara’s bold and beautiful portfolio boasts work for a diverse range of international clients from creating packaging, brochures and posters to her passion which is, of course, producing sumptuous children’s book illustrations and travelling the world from the comfort of her little Italian studio!

Go on, treat yourself to the ultimate 'grand tour'!

Get your copy here!


Barbara Bongini


Gareth Lucas' Map Maze!


Each maze is more challenging than the last, from navigating a safe path through icebergs to taking a whirlwind tour of the horn of India, Sainsbury's Children's Book Award winner Gareth’s rich maps filled with humorous little details are guaranteed to bring out the Indiana Jones in us all! Lose yourself in this unique book from 1st June!

Get your copy here!


Gareth Lucas